Terms & Conditions

Rental Prices
1.  The prices quoted are for a period ranging from a few days or 1, 2, 3 weeks or 1 month or more of rental.
2.  They are calculated for the number of persons indicated in the description.
3.  Your rental is to be paid in the following way : 30 % at the reservation, the balance (70 %) at the delivery of the keys.
Our prices include
1.  The provision of the furnished and equipped accommodation.
2.  A private parking space during the rental period.
3.  The Serenity Pack including all supplies: water, electricity, rental charges, file fees, Hygiene-Litter protection pack for single use
4.  Unlimited Internet access via our private and secure WI-FI terminal.
Our prices do not include
1. The VAT in force in Mexico applicable on all rentals at the rate of 16%.
2. Tourist tax (3%) and 95 $ cleaning fee at the end of the stay.
3. Options and special requests
Rental Periods
1.  The rental periods start at 5:00 pm on the day of arrival and end at 10:00 am on the day of departure.
2.  Depending on the period, the minimum rental period is 2 to 4 nights.
3.  Any stay interrupted by the tenant, for any reason whatsoever, cannot give rise to any refund.
Arrivals and Departures
1.  The tenants must be present on the rented premises to collect the keys. A contradictory inventory of fixtures will be drawn up at the entry in the places.
2.  If the client cannot arrive at the date and time scheduled, for any reason whatsoever, he must imperatively notify us by email (contact@gilles-smarthomeplaya.com), otherwise he will lose all his rights to the stay, without being able to claim any refund.
3. Any stay interrupted for any reason whatsoever will not give rise to any refund. In case of need, we invite our tenants to subscribe a cancellation insurance.
Late arrivals
In the event of a late arrival, whether scheduled or not, we can reopen the reception by appointment for the delivery of the keys. A flat fee of $70 (payable immediately to our agent) will be charged. We will not be held responsible if the client arrives outside of the usual hours (7 days a week, 8:30 am to 8:00 pm) for any reason whatsoever: (flight delay, boat, loss of luggage, problem at the customs...)
Reception and handing over of the keys
The reception and the handing over of the keys will be done by our agent in the rented apartment from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm.   
Equipment of the apartment
1. Our rentals have a list of basic equipment: Furniture / beds. Blankets. Pillows. Fridge. Cookers (hotplates). Kitchen utensils. Dishes. Cutlery. TV
2. A joint inventory of fixtures will be carried out on arrival and departure of the tenant. Any anomaly will have to be notified on the data sheet of the apartment during the inventory of fixtures of arrival.
3. Any anomaly occurring after the departure of the agent, will be charged to the tenant (unsettled equipment, clogged sink, intervention. etc..). If, after the intervention of a technician, the tenant refuses to pay for the repairs, the intervention bill will be deducted from the deposit paid.
1. The accommodation capacity is 4 persons. Any occupancy that exceeds the declared number of beds is strictly forbidden.
Occupation of the Premises
1. The premises may only be used as a vacation rental. The tenant must use the premises "as a good father of the family" and may not sublet or assign his rights under this contract without the formal written consent of the lessor. For reasons of hygiene applicable very strict, our friends the animals are not accepted.
2. Any professional activity is forbidden in the rented premises. The tenant will have to conform to the internal regulation of the building, in particular for the noise, the hanging of the linen, the cleanliness, the removal of the domestic waste...
3. The apartments are rented until the dates and times fixed in the contract. The tenant commits himself to return the rented places in the state where they will be at the time of the entry.
4. On the day of arrival, the rentals will only be available from 5:00 pm. In case of arrival outside the opening hours of the office, the tenant must inform the agent in order to organize his arrival. On the day of departure, the rentals must be vacated by 11:00 a.m., and the keys must be returned to the renter after the inventory of fixtures.
1. A deposit of 1000 $ will be systematically asked to you with the handing-over of the keys in the form of an imprint bank card. It will be returned to you in full on the day of your departure, after deduction of any damage.
1. All cancellations must be notified by registered letter or by e-mail and will generate the following charges:
- Cancellation more than 15 days before your arrival: 100% refund
- Cancellation from 15 days to the date of your entry in the premises: no refund, the totality of the stay is due

ATTENTION: All objects or personal effects, belonging to the tenant, are the responsibility of the latter. They are not covered by any insurance policy issued by the building, the owner-renter, or the owner's agent. The tenant must therefore take care of the insurance of his own goods, and in particular with regard to the theft. In addition, the tenant will be required to insure himself (if his usual contract does not provide for it) with an insurance company against the risks related to a seasonal vacation rental: fire and water damage, both for his rental risks and for the furniture given in rental, as well as for the recourse of the neighbors, and to justify the whole at the first request of the owner or of his agent Consequently, the latter decline all responsibility for the recourse that their insurance company could exercise against the tenant in case of disaster.


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