The Exciting History of Playa del Carmen, Mexico

History of playa: traditional costume in the tourist streets

  From Prehistoric... Roots To The Top Tourist Site Of The Caribbean

Playa del Carmen is a fascinating Mexican resort town with a long and rich history. 

From its earliest days as a small fishing village to its modern-day status as an international vacation destination, the story of Playa del Carmen is one worth telling.

   Prehistoric Roots in the Mayan Empire.

el castillo pyramid

The roots of the city of Playa del Carmen go back to prehistoric times when it was part of the expansive and powerful Mayan Empire. 

 Many ancient ruins still dot the landscape and are testament to this period, such as the El Castillo pyramid near Tulum, which is believed by some scholars to be where the god Chacmetzatzin descended to Earth.

   Move Over, Pirates: Colonial Playa del Carmen Takes Center Stag

Histoty of playa del carmen & Juan de Grijalva

The Spanish arrive in 1518, led by the conquistador Juan de Grijalva. In 1538 Cristobal de Ocampo builds the first settlement at what is now Playa del Carmen, naming it Xaman-Ha after the nearby Mayan ruins. 

By 1565 the area was used primarily as a port and commercial center, with its economy based on trading local goods such as obsidian mined nearby and silk clothes manufactured by craftspeople in the surrounding areas.

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   From Tulum to Xaman-Ha: Crafting an Identity for Playa del Carmen

As the economy of Playa del Carmen developed, so too did its identity. Benefiting from the rich culture and trade of nearby Tulum, Xaman-Ha quickly adopted a unique style while blending elements of both Mayan and Spanish heritage. 

Craftspeople and traders flocked to the area, producing pottery, jewelry and textiles to be sold in the bustling streets.

 In time, Xaman-Ha evolved into an independent hub with a distinct flavor found nowhere else in Mexico.

history and economy of playa del carmen
The history from Rica Vallarta to this day

   Unearthing Rica Vallarta: Exciting Discoveries in the Mid-20th century

Rica Vallarta, the area now comprising modern Playa del Carmen, was discovered in the mid-20th century. 

While exploring the jungle, archaeologists made exciting discoveries of ancient temples, burial sites, pottery shards and other artifacts from Mayan civilization. 

Locals have suggested that an emperor's tomb may also lie hidden amongst the ruins. 

Unearthing these mysteries has added an air of romance to this beautiful Mexican town and given its culture a deeper historical resonance.

   The City's Revival as the Tourist Hotspot of Today

The City's Revival as the Tourist Hotspot of Today

Since its archaeological beginnings, Playa del Carmen has experienced a remarkable revival as a tropical oasis. 

 With dreamy white sand beaches bordered by Caribbean Sea, exclusives boutiques and bustling markets, this paradise of sorts has become popular amongst travelers looking to indulge in the charm of the Riviera Maya.

In recent years, the city's international status has been further elevated by stylish resorts and world-class amenities that cater to visitors' every need. 

Now, tourists from all over the globe come to enjoy the unique sights and admire its enchanting history.


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