A museum under water...

January 7, 2023

Explore a fabulous underwater museum ...

the largest underwater museum in the world

The MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) is an underwater museum located off the coast of Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Punta Nizuc in Mexico. It was established in 2009 and is one of the largest underwater art attractions in the world.

Musa is more than just a museum, it is the largest underwater museum in the world! The 500 sculptures are placed between 4m and 8m underwater to offer new habitats to the aquatic fauna and flora suffering from the disappearance of corals. Manchones, Nizuc and Punta Sam have three "showrooms" that can be visited by snorkeling, diving (with tanks) or simply by glass bottom boat.

The first underwater museum in the Americas was founded in Manchones in 1968.

Manchones and Nizuc have a school and a dolphinarium, while Punta has a natural history museum.

Visitors can view the sculptures by snorkeling, diving, or taking a glass-bottom boat tour. The museum is accessible to both experienced and novice divers and offers a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

In addition to the art installations, the museum also serves as a platform for ongoing marine conservation research and offers educational programs for local schools and the public.

Good to know: From Playa del Carmen, you must first go to Cancun. You can book a diving trip to the Manchones with transportation and snorkeling equipment here   

Explore a fabulous underwater museum ...

The 500 sculptures are placed between 4m and 8m underwater to provide new habitats for aquatic fauna and flora suffering from the disappearance of corals. The underwater world can be an exciting and fascinating place to explore for everyone. The musa museum offers a unique experience to discover the natural underwater world. 

  • The museum features beautiful collections of marine life with an emphasis on geography and underwater ecosystems. In addition, there are educational programs that help people understand and protect our oceans. The musa museum offers a unique underwater experience. Underwater, the museum's exhibits are very different from what they are on the ocean floor. Clear acrylic display cases showcase the museum's collection of sea creatures in vibrant color and detail. 

 There are also touch screens that allow visitors to learn about the sea creatures as well as information about their environment. Through this interactive experience, visitors gain a better understanding of the natural world. It's an educational and captivating experience that everyone should have under the sea! The underwater world of the musa is a cultural heritage site. 

  • Many people visit museums to learn new things or explore their interests further. However, some people have mental health issues that prevent them from enjoying museums as much as they used to. 

The musa museum has specially designed diving equipment so that people with limited mobility can explore the underwater world at their own pace and comfort level. 

 This way, everyone can enjoy this unique part of nature while learning new facts about our oceans! 

  • The Musa Museum encourages people to appreciate the natural world by teaching people how to protect it from pollution and other threats. In addition, scientists from around the world come to learn about marine life in this museum through special collaborations with other museums. Underwater geography is an important part of this knowledge because it affects many land areas such as weather and climate change. 

Therefore, understanding oceanography is crucial to protecting our seas from future disasters! 

 Everyone should dive under the sea and explore what makes up our oceans! However, some people may find this difficult due to health problems or other reasons such as education or cultural appreciation. In these situations, snorkeling can be more comfortable for those with limitations!

The musa museum offers an ideal environment for anyone who wants learn more about marine life!

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